Different types of edible plantings have different benefits. For instance, growing edibles in a container or in raised beds is great for warm weather crops like tomatoes and peppers because the soil warms up faster when it is elevated. On the other hand, this also means that you must be more mindful of your watering as your soil will dry up much faster during warm weather. Planting in containers also happens to be a great bet for aggressive plants like mint, which might otherwise grow to the ends of the earth. After all, you don’t want your entire garden bed filled with mint, do you? Growing plants straight in the soil is great for larger plants like pumpkins that need more space to be happy. Planting straight in the soil also means that your plants will have more access to the local groundwater, which can make watering your plants much more manageable!
  • Grow warm weather crops in a container or raised beds
  • Warm weather crops need extra watering during warm weather
  • Plants that spread fast like mint are great to plant in containers
  • Grow large plants that need extra space directly in the ground

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