Hanging Baskets in Olympia, WA

Hanging baskets in Olympia, Washington, from Bark and Garden Nursery are the best! Bark and Garden chooses from a variety of different plants that are compatible with one another, selecting the best quality, colors, growth habits, and aesthetic types to make up different designs that work perfectly for our climate.

Our hanging basket selections include shade-loving, sun-worshiping, partial shade, and partial sun combinations that work virtually anywhere in your garden or landscape.

When making your selections, be sure to talk with any of our highly trained Sales Staff to help you make the best selections for all areas of your garden.

Some of the best features of our baskets:

    • Abundant color selections
    • Specifically tailored for variety
    • Plants that are compatible for our climate
    • Years of experience creating these lovely and robust hanging baskets

Caring for your hanging baskets


Make sure that your hanging baskets are well watered and the soil moist. When baskets hang outdoors and our Summer Sun is hot, they can dry out easily. This can lead to wilting or withering plants. Once the soil dries out too much, it can be difficult to re-hydrate the roots and the water can run over the sides, rather than actually watering the plants themselves. This can lead to a short-lived hanging basket. It is best to water well and less frequently to expand the root ball and fully hydrate your plants, rather than small, frequent “sips” of water that might appear to “revive” the plants but doesn’t work well for the long term as this can be uneven and some plants can be missed, leaving you with an unevenly watered basket.


It is good to feed your hanging baskets every now and then to keep them nourished and fresh throughout the season. We recommend a blooming plant food every 4 weeks or so, following the directions on the fertilizer that you choose. Do not over feed as more doesn’t mean better! Our plants can only take in so much food as one time to properly “digest.” Overfeeding can lead to burnt plants and few ever make a “comeback” after that happens so please be conservative when feeding.


While it is sometimes tempting to want to let your hanging baskets grow long, long, long, it isn’t necessarily good for the lifetime of your plants. A regular, subtle trim is good for the long term. Remove the spent flowers, old leaves and trim up the trailing lengths a bit. This will help to keep your hanging baskets blooming continuously and keep the foliage full and healthy.

Rows of gorgeous hanging baskets at Bark & Garden Center.
A stunning hanging basket with white and pink flowers.
A beautiful hanging basket with pink and yellow flowers.

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