Garden Statuary in Olympia, WA


Statuary for the garden in Olympia, WA is something that Bark and Garden prides themselves on. Our Garden Center has a broad selection of fine statuary, sure to suit any garden. Browsing amidst the angels, animals, temples and more to find the one that is perfect for your garden is something that we strongly recommend.

Among our selections, we have concrete, resin and glass figures in so many shapes: dogs, frogs, Sasquatch, tigers, dinosaurs and more. Think of accenting a water feature or decorating your front porch to give it that personal touch or giving the bird a place to perch with one of our beautiful bird baths.

A statue lends additional serenity and beauty to the landscape and brightens up dark corners. Come get inspired by these well-crafted pieces and choose the ones that are right for you. Our skilled staff at Bark and Garden are here to help!

Some of the options that we have available:

  • Concrete statues
  • Light resin statues
  • Glass figures
  • Concrete benches
  • Bird baths
  • Many shapes and sizes!

Benefits of adding statuary or sculpture to your landscape or garden:

  • Completes or enhances your garden’s surroundings
  • Adds character and design elements
  • Personalizes your garden areas
  • Creates a focal point within your landscape or garden

Bark and Garden Center offers a wide variety of statuary. You’re sure to find what you are looking for!

Come by the Nursery to see for yourself. Let one of our skilled staff help you make the best choice for your garden!

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A large concrete statue.
A Buddha statue nestled among plants, just one of the many garden statuary options you'll find at Bark & Garden Center.
A statue of two puppies in a basket, the perfect addition to your garden statuary collection.

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