Groundcovers for Olympia, WA

Groundcovers for Olympia, Washington, come in many different varieties, colors and growth habits. From flowering creepers to herbaceous spreaders, our groundcover selection is sure to please.

At Bark and Garden Nursery, we even carry low-lying herbs and some native varieties, perfect for all corners of the yard. Try the classic Hens-and-chicks or Creeping Thyme, or go adventurous and try something more unique!

Groundcovers are a great solution to those patchy parts of your landscape. The term, ‘Ground Cover’ best describes perennials that are known for their ability to spread. Not only do they enhance the areas of your lawn where grass is difficult to sustain, but they often require less water than grass and are a great way to prevent erosion in hilly areas.

Choose the right groundcover to grow between your garden pavers or in around a rock wall. If it’s something for a full sun exposure, shade, native plants or something in the way of ornamental grasses, we can help you find it here!

Once established, ground covers are generally low-maintenance.

Benefits to adding groundcovers to your yard

  • Prevent erosion
  • Require less maintenance than lawns
  • Act as a Lawn Replacement
  • Provide color and texture

When choosing your ground covers, consider light, water and soil requirements as well as how much foot traffic the plants will be subject to. Ask our skilled professionals which growers specialize in Groundcovers and what would be the best selection for your garden or landscape.

Planting Tips & Additional Info

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Large two-tiered shelf with a wide selection of groundcovers available at Bark and Garden Center.

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