Plant basil in containers or garden that has good drainage, planting up to at least 8” deep, basil requires at least 6 hours of full sun per day.

Do not over fertilize, as this will cause the basil to lose its flavor.

Wait until the temperatures are above 50 degrees F at night to plant outside uncovered.

Basil requires moderate water on cooler days, with regular water on warmer days.

In the first few months, once the plant is over 6” tall, find the bottom two leaves and cut stem right above the two leaves. This will make the plant more stocky and it will produce more leaves. Remove any blossoms that appear by pinching them off.

Prune your basil plant every two to three weeks throughout the summer.

Watch out for aphids, slugs, mealy bug, and spit bugs. Basil is prone to root rot as well (where the root stays too wet and begins to rot). If you have good drainage and do not over water your basil, it should not be a problem. If you are not sure, try adding some prelate to the soil.

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