Fountains in Olympia, WA

Fountains in Olympia WA bring the sound of flowing water to your home and garden bringing the outdoors, indoors! At Bark and Garden, we have a beautiful selection of fountains in many different sizes for all types of yards. We have rock formations and spilling statues as well as bubbling bird baths, waterfalls and more. Whether you have a large yard or just a few pots on the patio, a fountain can add depth and relaxation to any space. We even have some small indoor fountains to adorn your tables and desk tops.

The benefits of adding a fountain:

  • Add an element of tranquil sound to your environment
  • Bring the sound of the outdoors, indoors
  • Adding an artistic feature or element to your landscape or garden
  • Attracts wildlife
  • Adds the sound of the outdoors to your inside environment

Some types of fountains that we have: 

  • Lightweight
  • Concrete
  • Large
  • Tabletop

Tips for cleaning and maintenance:

  • Keep the water pump covered with water. Distilled water helps reduce mineral buildup.
  • Keep your fountain free of debris. Use a net to remove on a weekly basis.
  • Clean regularly to help the pump last longer.
  • Never use bleach to clean your fountain. Your best option is hot soapy water and a brush, though vinegar or baking soda can help loosen tough stains.
  • Try 50% diluted distilled white vinegar to remove tough mineral stains from your pump.
  • If you cannot operate your fountain year-round, drain, clean, disassemble, and store indoors.

Regardless of which type of fountain you choose, albeit indoors, outdoors, large or small, we have what you are looking for at Bark and Garden. Stop by today and ask one of our skilled staff members to help you make that perfect selection. You will be glad you did!

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