Did you know that most houseplants actually like being a little pot-bound? It’s true, and in many cases,
giving a houseplant too much space to grow in can be detrimental. You’ll know when your plant is ready
to be potted up into something slightly larger (and we mean slightly) when it starts busting out of the
pot on its own. It is also useful to remember that most houseplants are very sensitive to transplanting
and even being moved from one location to another. In fact, you are often looking at about 5-6 months
before a houseplant is totally acclimated to its new location. The moral of this story is this: be patient
with your houseplants! They are surprisingly tough once they get comfortable. Trying to mess with
them too much is often counterproductive.

  • Houseplants like to grow in pots
  • Be patient with your houseplants
  • They are sensitive to transplanting and moving locations
  • It takes 5-6 months for a houseplant to acclimate to a new location

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