Dig a hole three times the size of the root ball. Mix compost in with the soil at a ratio of 1:2 (1 part compost to 2 parts soil). Add an all-purpose fertilizer to the soil/compost and mix well.

Once planting height is established, if plant is in burlap, cut an X from side to side on the bottom of the burlap. Set in hole according to diagram. Cut away the top portion of the burlap without tearing roots. Plant as per the diagram, with one quarter of the root ball above ground level and three quarters below ground level.

Backfill area with soil/compost mixture sloping from top of root ball down to ground level as per diagram. Water in well and for the first two years making sure the plant has adequate water but is not over-watered. Do not rely on sprinkler systems to adequately provide water for a new plant until it is established (approximately 2 years). Root ball should have some give and be moist when root ball is pushed on.

Our warranty is voided for plants which are planted with entire root ball below ground level or which are planted deeper than they were in the container. Plants that are purchased in containers must be planted to ensure the health of the plant; warranty void if left in pot.

Note: All large trees must be staked to ensure proper growth.

Roots that are not wrapped in burlap must be teased or pulled away from the root ball to ensure that they don’t stay in the form in which they have been while living in the pot.

Planting Intructions

Root ball should be 1/4 above the ground, with compost built up in a slope.

* All live goods carry a 90-day guarantee when planted according to our planting instructions (excludes sale items, annuals and conifers). Plants must be returned with 10 days with receipt for exchange. Plants which are dormant when purchased are guaranteed to break dormancy, void from weather-related damages.

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