Fabulous Air Cleaning Houseplants 

Many people think that air pollution only consists of smog or car emissions. While these do constitute as outdoor air pollution, there is a much more dangerous kind of air pollution known as indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is more hazardous than outdoor air pollution. It is a more concentrated type of pollution that is caused by inadequate ventilation, toxic products, humidity, and high temperatures. Thankfully, numerous plants clean the air.

Houseplants often get overlooked in their ability to remove toxins and air pollutants from our homes. Bringing in air purifying plants is a cheap and easy way to improve the air quality of your home while bringing color and texture into your space.

Several plants will filter out volatile compounds like formaldehyde and benzene, significantly improving the indoor air quality in your home. Here are a few examples to give you a place to start.

Snake Plant (Sansevieria laurentii)

Sansevieria plant from the front side. also known as snake plant.

The snake plant is one of the best indoor plants for ridding your home of dangerous formaldehyde, a chemical used in cleaning products, tissues, toilet paper, and personal care items.

It thrives in low light, and humid conditions, so consider making it one of your bathroom plants. They are also known for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen at night.

The Dracaena Warneckii

will combat air pollutants that are released by varnishes and oils.

They grow quickly indoors and thrive in any light. Known for its white stripes along the edge, it can become to be 12 feet high. The Dracaena Warneckii is one of the best indoor tree plants and looks beautiful in any location.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is an easy-to-grow succulent plant that helps to clear benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

The Aloe Vera plant loves the sun, making a sunny kitchen window an excellent spot to place the plant. Along with removing air pollutants, this plant contains a gel that can help to heal burns and cuts.

Golden Pothos

One of the best houseplants for clean air, the golden pothos is a fast-growing plant that removes formaldehyde toxins. It is also one of those fantastic hanging plants for baskets.

These indoor plants need bright, indirect light to survive. To avoid root rot, make sure you don’t overwater!


These colorful Chrysanthemum plants do more than brighten a room with their vivid colors; they are also great for getting rid of indoor air pollutants.

They are mainly excellent at filtering out benzene, which is a common ingredient in paint, glue, plastics, and detergents. Place this plant in bright light to encourage the buds to open.

These plants are merely a start… There are MANY, MANY different plants that your skilled Professionals at the Bark and Garden Nursery can direct you to achieve these goals. With Winter approaching some houseplants are just the thing! We invite you to come down and see our selections!




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