Conifer, conifers, dwarf conifer, winter interest

Bark & Garden Center has received a new collection of dwarf conifers including many rare varieties that make spectacular additions to the winter landscape.

Conifers are among the shrubs and trees that add permanence and singular beauty to the year-round garden – they’re part of the ‘bones’ of the garden. Often used as specimen trees, they can also be used to create an elegant tapestry of evergreen landscape form, texture and color. Dwarf conifer varieties are available in many intriguing forms and colors that include many slow-growing varieties reaching just 1-4 feet at maturity.

dwarf conifers, winter interest, conifers, evergreen specimen treesFoliage can be all shades of green, gold, blue-gray or silvery that often shift in color with the seasons. Just the many greens make a lovely picture; the white or yellow sprays of variegated varieties provide striking contrast to their greener cousins and an all-conifer garden with bark covering the ground is about as low maintenance as you can get.

Once established, conifers demand little in the way of water and fertilizer, little to no pruning and many grow well in dry, sunny sites and even heavy clay. Few other hardy woody plants offer such a wide range of shape, form and color that make your garden shine regardless of the season.

Come see us at Bark & Garden Center to browse our exciting new collection!

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