Yuletide camellia’s or Camellia x vernalis ‘Yuletide’ puts out a lovely showing during the days of winter when our other plants have gone to bed for the season, with its masses of perfectly shaped, single, stunning red flowers with a cluster of golden stamens at their heart. Bloom’s are about 3” wide and are produced over a fairly long period in early to mid-season with such abundance that this exquisite camellia creates a strong blast of color when in full bloom. The foliage of glossy, dark green leaves are evergreen and make a beautiful backdrop as foundation plantings or even an espalier.

The Camellia ‘Yuletide’ is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that grows in a compact, upright habit with arching and cascading branches. Moderately it can grow up to 8-10 feet tall depending on your climate.

The Yuletide enjoys part shade and organically rich, acidic and well drained soils.
Prune after blooming has passed to control size and shape.

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