Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are among the most important additions to your garden as they are always around,
even if they are deciduous plants that lose their leaves during winter. Sure, you could have a garden
filled entirely with annuals and perennials, but you will be looking at a sad state of affairs during the cool season! Most trees and shrubs get planted in prominent locations in your garden beds, but there are a
surprising number of shrubs (and even trees) that can be planted in containers. These dwarf plants are
a great way to provide year-round structure for containers, which are all too often neglected during the
cool season. These plants can be anything from dwarf conifers to small broadleaf evergreen plants, or
even edible fruits and berries!

  • Trees and shrubs are a great addition to your garden
  • They can also be planted in containers
  • They provide year-round structure for containers
  • Dwarf conifers, small broad leaf evergreen plants, edible fruits and berries

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