One wonderful way to make perennial plant gardening more fun is to plant some of your favorite
perennials in containers! Containers are great for many of your favorite plants, and the fact that
containers can easily be moved means you can rearrange your containers depending on which plants
are looking their best at a given point in time. This means that your dahlias can hang out somewhere
out of sight when they are not blooming, then be given a more prominent spot once the warm weather
arrives! Many people will create containers for every season and rotate them around! Containers are
also a great way to grow more cold-sensitive perennials like canna, since you can bring them into a
greenhouse or even inside when the cool weather hits. Your garden beds are best left to the cold hardy

  • Containers are great for perennials!
  • Rearrange your containers depending on what is blooming
  • Create containers for every season and rotate around!
  • Using containers for cold-sensitive perennials makes them easy to store in a greenhouse during winter
  • Grow cold hardy perennials in your garden bed

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