Pottery2It’s always heartwarming to receive a gift you know was chosen with care, taking into account your personal interests and passions. This is especially true of gardeners, who tend toward the passionate side anyway.

Ideas of gifts for gardeners range from shovels – you’d be amazed how few young couples have one – to striking works of art with the great outdoors for a gallery. In fact, many of these gifts are suitable for anybody, so make Bark & Garden Center your first stop in finding unique, delightful gifts for all your loved ones this holiday season!

You’ll get a kick out of our unique statuary, many of which are at least as enjoyable to kids as they are to grownups! Take cover, garden gnomes! Sasquatch has been sighted in the vicinity! Or was it a tiger, a raptor, or just a couple of playful puppies? Angels, temples, bird baths and fountains lend serenity and beauty to the landscape and brighten up dark corners.

Gifts For Gardeners

When it’s time to get to work, a quality pair of pruners or garden shears are worth their weight in gold, as are good hoses, spray nozzles and wands. Check out our selection of water-saving sprinklers, too. Save wear and tear on your joints with ergonomic models of large and small garden tools. They also help those with arthritis keep doing what they love.

Gardening books are something gardeners pore over next to the fireplace on chilly winter nights. By day, an active bird feeder provides hours of entertainment and important sustenance for our feathery friends.

Arming a gardener for whatever comes while in the trenches is a great way to show you care. A jaunty hat to deflect the hot sun, strap-on knee pads, a utility belt/apron, gloves and some bright rubber clogs ought to do the job!

If you like a more hands-on approach, shower them with seeds or bombard them with bulbs.

hp,-45This year’s bare root trees are in and include fruit-bearing and ornamental trees and all types of roses – climbing, upright, shrub and groundcover varieties. Among the potted plants are unique conifers that look as gorgeous now as they do every other season along with heather that blooms all winter.

A houseplant often comes as a delightful surprise and we have a great choice of indoor plants and attractive pots, from African violet-small to large vessels for indoor palms that make a statement in a home. And don’t forget to pick up plenty of our lush poinsettias available in wide range of colors and color combinations.

poinsettias, Bark & Garden Center

Moving back outside, trees, large ceramic pots and other garden art, benches and pergolas are among those things considered garden ‘bones’ those things that remain after the leaves fall. Look for inspiration in our pottery and statuary departments.

Put together a custom gift basket (or pail) for your friend – or present her with a Bark & Garden gift card along with an invitation to make a day of it, meeting for lunch and enjoying a leisurely trip through the nursery.

With gardeners, you can even get away with giving them dirt. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a shiny wheelbarrow and a load of compost. Seriously.

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