Sanctuary garden gate Sedona

‘Getting away from it all’ may be as close as your own back yard.

Use these 7 design elements to create an outdoor space that speaks ‘Sanctuary’ to your soul.

sanctuary gardenAmid the hustle and bustle, create a peaceful oasis; a ‘sanctuary garden.’ It need not be expensive. A comfy chair and side table, flowers in a jar and a good book can be every bit as refreshing as an elaborate fountain. Beyond the plants are other, often overlooked design elements that contribute to a sense of safe haven. Let them spark your imagination and put you on the path to an outdoor hangout of your own.

  • Create a special entrance that enfolds and invites the visitor into sanctuary while providing the desired level of privacy.
  • Take advantage of water’s soothing powers by installing a water feature, whether an elaborate waterfall or a bubbling rock.
  • Creatively use color and lighting for effect; perhaps silvery plants best seen by moonlight or discretely placed lighting to heighten the drama while guiding the way.Outdoor Design Space Ideas
  • Design welcoming sitting areas with comfortable garden furniture or an interesting bench placed in a peaceful spot. Include a few favorite things – a quilt; shells – whatever says ‘home’ to you.
  • Highlight natural features and materials: rocks, wood, natural fences, screens, trellises and so on.
  • Integrate art that enhances the overall mood – a beautiful ceramic pot or wind-powered sculpture.
  • Provide habitat and features to attract a diversity of wildlife – perhaps a bird bath and a couple bird feeders. Bark & Garden can help you select lovely, drought-tolerant plants that attract birds, butterflies and other nice things.


Look no further than Bark & Garden Center for unique garden art, statuary, fountains, bird baths and feeders. We’ve got the plants, shrubs and trees to help make your sanctuary garden a peaceful, welcoming place for you and your guests – should you decide to invite any!

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